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Mincing Words: Making Sense of the Social Determinants of Health


This media asset highlights the importance of learning to speak the language of healthcare by addressing the misunderstandings about the social determinants of health (SDOH). As many organizations begin to focus on SDOH, addressing systems and policies, known as upstream factors, can enhance learning across sectors and provide opportunities for each organization to achieve its goals. Click on the media asset below to view the video.


2 responses to “Mincing Words: Making Sense of the Social Determinants of Health”

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    So true, supporting our local food pantries such as Redford Interfaith Relief who works with Gleaners Community Food Bank SEM on the Healthy Pantry Initiative, Healthy Food Connect and FAITH-DM National Research Project 2016 Gleaners Harvest Magazine, make a HUGE DIFFERENCE for our communities and everyone that we serve!

    A huge thank you to Rachelle Bonelli VP of Programs and Julie Beamer COO of Gleaners for their forward thinking and huge support Linking Food Choices with Health Outcomes!

    We need more research projects at pantries that already have a personal relationship with their clients and healthy eating attitudes to prove the stats to Link Food Choices with Health Outcomes!

    See our video on Facebook Redford Interfaith Relief how one of our clients lost 30 pounds and her A1c dropped from 13-7 with the Faith-DM Research Project in 6 months outcomes

    She is a totally different person 3 years later, no longer is she a tired, depressed, over weight Mom that could not play with her kids, but now she is thrilled to be able to take them to the park and play with them with a can do attitude that she is now sharing with everyone around her about healthy eating chaining her life! Life is good again because her health is so much better!

    • Sue, great to know the Healthy Pantry Initiative is supporting programming in your area. We encourage you to find additional healthy pantry resources on Hunger + Health.

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