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Health Implications of Food Insecurity

Each year, Feeding America conducts the Map the Meal Gap study to estimate the prevalence of food insecurity for every county and congressional district in the United States. To better understand the relationship between food insecurity and poor health outcomes at the local level, the 2019 report includes an analysis of food insecurity in the context of health. For more information, click on the resource below.


6 responses to “Health Implications of Food Insecurity”

    • Karen, thank you for your interest in this asset. We do have some printed copies that I can mail to you; I’ll email you directly with details.

  1. Greetings, where can I find the footnotes to this document? I see the superscript citations (for example next to “toxic stress”) however this 4 page document does not appear to have any of the accompanying footnotes.

    • Erin, thank you for your inquiry. The Health Implications of Food Insecurity document is a standalone brief from the full 2018 Map the Meal Gap Report. We have emailed you the full report which includes references to the superscript citations.

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