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Health Affairs Article: A Pilot Food Bank Intervention Featuring Diabetes-Appropriate Food


To determine whether healthy food could help low-income people better control their diabetes, a pilot study by UC San Francisco and Feeding America tracked nearly 700 people at food banks in California, Texas and Ohio over two years.

The result: better diabetes control and medication adherence and an overall improvement in the consumption of healthy food.

This research, funded by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, is the first formal evaluation of a diabetes intervention for food insecure people involving the actual provision of food. The observational pilot study is now being followed by a more extensive research trial at food banks in Oakland, Detroit and Houston by UCSF and Feeding America. This paper, published in the November 2015 issue of Health Affairs, will be available for public viewing through November 2016.  Share today!


22 responses to “Health Affairs Article: A Pilot Food Bank Intervention Featuring Diabetes-Appropriate Food”

  1. I am interested in seeing the surveys they used pre and post trial. I would also like to know more details on how much food was provided and how often. We are partnering with a satellite free clinic who is housed at a pantry, and having nutrition/diabetes education provided through Virginia Cooperative Extension. We are focusing mainly on produce but are not sure how much produce to provide the clients.

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    I would also be interested in survey, research materials. I am starting a similar initiative here in West Virginia for patients with diabetes and ESRD. Through a partnership of the local food bank, the Americorps and Marshall University, we hope to put together grocery box program geared toward their particular needs.

    • Thank you for sharing about your work in West Virginia. I will email you directly and put you in contact with a Feeding America colleague who can provide more resources.

  3. I would also like to receive information regarding your survey if possible. I am working with students at UW med in Seattle to put together a comprehensive review with the aim to inform how we are to use food banks to meet Washington food insecurity needs. In particular, I am looking for information regarding health outcomes. Any help would be appreciated.

    • I’m glad you’ve found the site and post informative. Feel free to sign up for the Quarterly Digest to stay in the loop on updates.

    • Shannon, thank you for your interest. I will reach out to you directly with more information.

  4. Hi and thanks for this valuable work. I’d also appreciate learning more about your pre- and post-surveys as I am in the process of developing a vegetable prescription program in WA with three medical providers and an insurer. While our aim is to help the participants first, we are also very keen to see how this work can be scaled in the future, meaning we need to get good data from day 1.

    Thank you,

    • Max, I’m glad you find the site and this work valuable. Thank you for your question and I’ll be sure to reach out to you directly via email with details.

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    Hello, I am Sherilyn, a Program Manager at an Al non-profit. I’m looking for new instruments to use at a local food bank and like many others on this thread, I would like to see the pre and post questionnaires that were administered in this intervention as well as others that have been administered to participants. Specifically, I’m interested in surveys that have used with the following populations: minority, diabetics, lower-income, food-insecure, and those with hypertension.

    • Sherilyn, thank you for your message. Morgan from Feeding America’s health and nutrition team will be in touch with you soon via email regarding your requests.

  6. Is there a way to access the full article without subscription to journal services? I am also interested in the survey materials, thank you.

    • K. Donnelly, thank you for your message. Morgan from Feeding America’s health and nutrition team will be in touch with you soon via email regarding your requests.

  7. Great information! Like many others in this forum- I’d love to see the pre-post questionnaire/process utilized for this initiative. I’m a Program Manager at a local Community Health department hospital and are looking to embark in similar initiative with our local food banks..


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