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Assessing Readiness and Creating Value Through Food Bank-Health Care Partnerships

When embarking on new partnerships, food bank staff should consider the level of readiness of potential health care partners in order to create solutions that address a real need for them and will be successful. Feeding America food bank staff interviewed potential partners to understand their starting points and the available opportunities rather than approaching partnership with food bank-centric solutions in mind. Four common levels of readiness of health care partners were identified. This resource is geared to helping food banks assess their partners’ level of readiness and create appropriate interventions. For more information, click on the resource below.


2 responses to “Assessing Readiness and Creating Value Through Food Bank-Health Care Partnerships”

  1. What a great resource! With this resource offered, it will be easier to meet the health care organizations where they are now, in terms of approaching food insecurity issues with patients. And what a variety of tool kits! Thank you!

    • Lisa, I am pleased to hear that you find this resource so helpful! We have additional toolkits coming out later this fiscal year – all of which will be posted here on Hunger + Health.

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