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Programs for Target Populations

Feeding America® is committed to ending food insecurity through a variety of national programs and capacity building initiatives. Each of these programs and initiatives are designed to reach specific groups at special risk of food insecurity, including children and families, seniors and households eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as “food stamps.”

Professionals and concerned individuals all have a role to play in supporting access to food for people in need. Together, we can educate ourselves about food insecurity and build programs that promote family and community food security.

Learn more about the latest tools, strategies and research to better serve the following special groups:

SNAP-Eligible Households

Children and Families


National Program Models

What is a Feeding America National Program Model?

  • A distribution model that provides access to meals, groceries or benefits for a target population (children, families, seniors).
  • Programs are measurable, scalable and contribute to organizational outcomes.
  • Models are supported through fundraising and capacity building activities.

Contact your local food bank to find out how you can get involved in programs that are already underway. Individual food banks do not necessarily operate all national programs, but all food banks are working in their local communities to serve people in need. For more information on specific national programs click below:

Capacity Building Initiatives

The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks is continually creating, refining and evaluating programs to better meet community needs and address food insecurity. Member food banks often identify a variety of capacity limitations to achieving these goals. That is why Feeding America provides comprehensive capacity building support to engage members and strategically build network capacity.

From the Child Strategic Planning Year to the SNAP Strategic Planning Year, many initiatives utilize the Feeding America Capacity Building Framework to comprehensively address the network’s capacity building challenges and increase the sustainability and effectiveness of food bank programming.