To Fight Hunger, We Must Take Action Against Racism

by Amirio Freeman, Danny Navarro, Mike Glymph, Mya Price, and Thao Nguyen Feeding America Government Relations Team

The below text is from Feeding America Action. Addressing racism must be at the core of what we do as an anti-hunger community, and we cannot end the cycle of food insecurity and chronic disease without changing the fundamental systems and policies which perpetuate racial and other forms of inequality.

We’ve been watching the news, horrified, for the last two weeks. As police violence runs through every state, it’s clear that this is what racism looks like in America.

The reality is that racism is also fundamental to why many of our Black neighbors don’t have enough to eat. With decades of discriminatory policy that have led to poorly-funded schools, higher unemployment, lower homeownership, and worse access to food, it’s no surprise that double the number of Black households face hunger as compared to white households. The staggering economic effects of COVID-19 are set to make that even worse.

Our mission to end hunger must include taking action on racism. So, non-Black allies, we invite you to join us in recommitting to fighting racial discrimination and violence in all its forms.

Five quick actions to take right now as an ally for Black lives:

  1. Donate to the Community Justice Exchange – a nonprofit project of the Tides Center (which has a five-star rating on Charity Navigator). The organization hosts the National Bail Fund Network that helps pay for the release of people held on cash bail, including Black and brown people whose bail amounts are routinely set higher than others’. (Learn more about that here.)
  2. Get educated on how you can be a better ally. Here’s an anti-racist reading list to get you started.
  3. Learn more about why tackling racism is so key to ending hunger in America.
  4. Talk to your kids about anti-Black racism and police violence. Start with this great guide.
  5. This is the only beginning of the road to justice for George Floyd. Sign the #JusticeForFloyd petition and take a stand on excessive police violence.

Black Lives Matter, and we must stand with those demanding justice, accountability, and action to confront the racism and inequality that lead to police violence and hunger alike. We’re hopeful that, together, we can make a difference.

In solidarity, safety, and health,

Amirio Freeman, Danny Navarro, Mike Glymph, Mya Price, and Thao Nguyen
Feeding America Government Relations Team