Spread the Word: Health Insurance Open Enrollment Available through December 15

Feeding America, Manager, Community Health and Nutrition

by Jessica E. Hager External Engagement Manager of Community Health and Nutrition, Feeding America

Open Enrollment is here – starting November 1 and ending December 15, 2018. With continued changes to coverage options and outreach support, as well as a 45-day Open Enrollment period, join Feeding America in informing, referring and enrolling neighbors who are under- or uninsured. All plans acquired during Open Enrollment will begin on January 1, 2019.

In partnership with Community Catalyst, Feeding America and the network of food banks are distributing culturally competent outreach materials across the country. These materials are also publicly available and address a wide range of enrollment topics and target populations. You can sign up through Community Catalyst to receive ongoing outreach and enrollment materials.

If you are seeking health coverage for you or your family, follow these five tips to make the application process quicker and easier:

  1. Review the Marketplace and find out if you are eligible.
  2. Gather all necessary information to complete the application.
  3. Mark your calendar for December 15th – the last day to apply for the general Open Enrollment period (special exceptions apply for hurricane-affected areas and individuals experiencing qualifying life events).
  4. If you are already covered, review your current application and be sure to update any new information or changes from the last year.
  5. Consider your needs and plan options before selecting a final plan.
    Free, local in-person application assistance can also be found in most communities. Learn more here!

Our mission at Feeding America is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. We know people experiencing food insecurity often are met with numerous challenges and difficult trade-offs to ensure basic needs are met, including the provision of nutritious food and necessary medical care.

The aim of quality, affordable health coverage is to help all Americans access the preventative and necessary care to effectively manage one’s health, and ultimately thrive. Together, we can provide key messaging and resources to communities across the country during this year’s Open Enrollment period. Join us today or visit healthcare.gov to learn more!

Jessica E. Hager, External Engagement Manager of Community Health and Nutrition, has worked at Feeding America since 2012. She manages HungerandHealth.org, engages national partners focused on food insecurity and health, and has been integral in developing and executing the national NOURISH strategy for Feeding America.