Healthy Recipes: Growing Our Library to Meet Your Needs

by Mariah Jones Hicks Community Health and Nutrition Intern, Feeding America

When relaunched in February 2017, it showcased a new peer-sharing blog platform for audiences engaged in addressing food insecurity, nutrition and health. That blog is what you are reading from today. In addition, we separated a robust asset library into two distinct libraries – one for healthy recipes and another for resources (e.g., nutrition- and health-focused handouts and toolkits, research, curriculum, food safety materials, etc.). Each of these site components have received increased traffic and downloads, as well as shares on social media, and through surveys we have come to learn more about user needs – one being more recipes!

Feeding America has set a goal to upload at least 10 approved recipes for each of the most distributed produce items seen throughout the nationwide network of food banks. By ensuring a presence of at least 10 recipes per produce item, this allows organizations and individuals to have increased choice when trying to make the most of an eggplant, rutabaga, grapefruit or plantain – to name a few. With 868 million pounds of produce received by Feeding America in 2017, there is no shortage of opportunity to identify new ways to prepare and consume these delicious sources of nutrition. currently has more than 100 healthy recipes published, but we are looking to you to share your favorites with us. More specifically, we are seeking recipes that include one or more of the following ingredients:

• watermelon
• orange
• nectarine
• eggplant
• cantaloupe
• honeydew melon
• pear
• grapefruit
• grapes
• squash
• plantain
• rutabaga

Recipes can focus on a range of meal and dish types, such as beverage, breakfast, dessert, dinner, lunch, side dish or snack. Once submitted, all recipes are vetted by Feeding America using criteria aimed to better meet end users’ needs. If approved, assets will be uploaded and maintain the formatting provided upon submission to ensure your organization retains its branding association. Submit today!

Mariah is a graduate student at the University of Chicago currently receiving her Master’s degree in Social Service Administration.