Passing the Torch: Enroll America’s Future

by Ambar Calvillo-Rivera National Director of Field and Partner Engagement, Enroll America

A couple of years ago, Feeding America and Enroll America forged a national partnership that aimed to help connect more families to quality, affordable health insurance coverage. Together, we curated resources and created turnkey strategies that organizations could implement to help inform, refer and enroll individuals and families into life-saving health coverage.

Now, with a mission fulfilled, Enroll America announced that it will come to a close in 2017, while ensuring the torch gets passed to organizations, such as Feeding America. We’ve been busy identifying the core pieces of our program that are best suited to live on and working with partners who will continue to carry those pieces forward. Here are a few of the changes to keep in-mind:

We are deeply honored to have worked closely with Feeding America and with the food bank community at large over the last few years. As we state in our closing report, the country has been irrevocably changed by what the enrollment coalition has accomplished. This legacy can never be erased; it is the people who are alive today because of the Affordable Care Act and the efforts of the outreach coalition. For Enroll America — staff, volunteers, partners — those lives, those family trees that have changed forever, are the best and most lasting legacy. Thank for all you did, and all you will continue to do to ensure Americans can get covered–and stay covered–in high quality, affordable health coverage. If you’re having trouble finding something, reach out to, and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks will continue to inform, refer and enroll individuals and families about health care coverage options. Please direct any questions related to Feeding America’s efforts in this space to Jessica Hager,

Ambar Calvillo serves as the National Director of Field and Partner Engagement for Enroll America. In this role Ambar manages a team of directors that lead the national field program and cross constituency outreach programs alongside organizations in the Latino, African American, Faith, Women, and Youth communities. She also oversees engagement with health care providers and LGBT communities, in order to implement strategies that maximize the number of Americans who are enrolled in and retain health coverage.